Dead man tell no tale

The current media coverage of images of the gruesome execution of Gaddafi is both immoral and unethical. It goes against every principle of human dignity. The Libyan new rulers the NTC has lost a chance to show that they have a greater moral capital compared to the ousted Libyan regime. The NTC realising this they have made a number of contradicting statements trying to explain Gaddafi’s gruesome killing.  What is certainly clear is that the future of Libya does not look any brighter in the post Gaddafi era.

There is no argument that can be put forward to justify the way they handled Gaddafi when they caught him or how they paraded him like a trophy in the streets of Sirte, showing his half naked body to the world. The coverage of the death of Gaddafi raises serious moral questions related to the rights of dead people.  I don’t see the world condoning a case where people have sex with the copse of a dead prostitute, simply because when she was living that was her profession. This analogy holds true in the way they have treated Gaddafi.

One thing that is inevitable is that one day we will all die, and it is up to the living to bury us with dignity.


“The potential of African students in the light of the Arab Spring” Thabo Mbeki Lecture at Stellenbosch Univesity

This was part of Thabo Mbeki’s Lecture address at Stellenbosch University, to those that missed it. The man is indeed a treasure and a great asset not only to South Africa but to Africa as a whole. A visionary beyond his time only the enlighted can understand his vision.

(26/08/2011) Chairperson of the SRC, Chairperson of SASCO, Vice Chancellor, leaders, staff, students and workers of Stellenbosch University, Ladies and gentlemen: I would like to thank you for inviting me to return to this important centre of learning to reflect on what is obviously an important and relevant topic. In its invitation letter to me the SRC said the Council had “identified as some of (its) goals to stimulate dialogue, encourage criti … Read More

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