The judged man

Here is an unedited extract of a fantasy novel that is screaming out to come out of my head.  For now I call the story ” The judged man”

Blog 1“We stood gazing at the setting sun with the valley to our back. Our legs were sore and our feet were full of blisters for we had covered a hundred leagues that day. I was glad the worst part of our journey was over for the trip through the valley had been a slow and perilous one.  Our number was now greatly reduced from the fifteen men that had made the trip from Nebukah to Ramulah. We had lost four men to the swamp demons in crossing the river Feruh and two others had been slain when we fought with the Kasha tribes. Of the remaining eight we each carried wounds of varying degrees and we were in sore need of food and rest. Our leader Jinda was not showing signs of slowing down clearly resting was nowhere near his plan we needed to reach Ramulah to find the Prophet Samuel. Ramulah was a Monastery of the great prophets. Situated at the edge of the world the prophets lived a secluded life away from civilisation. Only a few man had ever made the trip to Ramulah because it was usually a fatal journey. Only deep desperation would ever force man to undertake the trip and ours was a great need indeed. The lives of our whole village relied on us getting to Ramulah and gaining audience with the Prophet .”