Five quick reasons to invest and stay in Zimbabwe

I have met a lot of investors who are interested in investing in Africa. They always ask me this question “given the option where would I invest my money outside South Africa in the SADC region?”. It would definitely be Zimbabwe. I thought of putting together five quick reasons that quicklycome to mind

1.      Zimbabwe has one of the best climates in the world;

Seventh Wonder of the World

According to the International Living’s 2011 Quality of Life Index Zimbabwe and Malta have the Best Climate in the World. Every year, the magazine rates and ranks 192 countries for this index, and Zimbabwe scored 100% on climate, one of the nine categories voted upon. So it is the good climate that one is after you are sure to get that in Zimbabwe.

2.      Its people are hardworking, eduacated and entrepreneurial.

Harare's Skyline

For the period up to 2010, Zimbabwe had the highest adult literacy rate (91.2 percent) in Africa; Countries with the lowest being Mali and Burkina Faso have the lowest (28.7 percent).In the world it is rated higher than countries like India and Brazil which are taunted as some of the world leading emerging markets.

3.      It is the richest country in natural resources per capita in the world

Operation at one of Zimbabwe's platinum mines

Zimbabwe is the richest country on earth with respect to untapped natural resources per person. Zimbabwe sits at the centre of the largest concentration which consists of the world’s largest diamond reserves, second largest platinum reserves and over 40 exploitable minerals has the potential to turn Zimbabwe into the jewel of Africa.

4.      A peaceful land

Zimbabwe dollars during the crisis period

Zimbabwe still presents a sound infrastructure and great living space. It is no Somalia and is surrounded by countries, themselves emerging from conflicts and collapse but now exhibiting rapid growth and considerable stability like Mozambique and Angola.

5.      A top destination for those interested in seeing Untamed Africa

Elephant Hills golf course

Zimbabwe is teeming with wildlife. One of its biggest nature reserves is part of the three Trans Frontier Parks which constitute the largest contiguous conservation area in the world with the greatest diversity that is available anywhere in the world.

USD being "Laundered " in Harare

At present Zimbabwe probably has the most open and free economy in Africa – there is no exchange control, no limits on what you can bring in or take out. They have no price controls and the labour market is regulated but dominated by negotiations between organized labour and management. They have a good banking system that is highly competitive and a stock market that is growing and able to serve the need for raising local capital.

Well if these are not enough reasons to convince some one, the Chinese investors seem only to be interested in one reason, “Natural Resources”.